Has anyone else tried Tarte’s latest cleanser?

I have become extremely particular about my foaming cleansers in the last year. No SLS, little to no fragrance, no mineral oil, and absolutely must be ph-balanced – I test the ph now. My skin is less irritated for it. I’m always hesitant to try a new cleanser, even if it tests ph neutral.

Tarte’s Deep Dive Cleansing Gel is advertised as formulated without parabens, mineral oil, ¬†phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfates, and gluten (haha). I know that Tarte is owned by the reputable Japanese brand, Kose…and I had just finished up a bottle of my current cleanser, when I received a sample packet of it. After ph testing came up as safe, I gave it a whirl. I swear it felt a little tingly and weird for the first 10 seconds of massaging, but when I rinsed, my skin felt clean, super soft, not irritated, and not stripped of moisture¬†A day later, and no breakouts. I may actually pick this up when I run out my current cleanser.

I would definitely grab a sample of it if you are in the market for a new foaming cleanser.

Tarte Deep Dive Cleansing Gel – Ph 6!