What tools do you use for applying your foundation?

After applying my makeup today, I dutifully cleaned all of the tools – yes, I do this every single day and you should too! I was spraying/soaping/scrubbing and thought about how many tools I have, and which ones I am using today versus what I used just a few months ago, and even years ago. I didn’t say I was contemplating how to unify all the people of the world! I was just washing my brushes and stuff…

Anyway, let’s explore the timeline, shall we?

1993: Messy finger application!

2000: In 1998 I worked at a cosmetics counter, and learned the wonders of using a flat brush and small concealer brush.

2009: I started exploring Korean bb creams, I used the ‘palming’ method – looked good, but full coverage and messy!!!

2012: Switched to the much-less-messy beauty blender.

2015: Then Korea introduced liquid cushion makeup, and the puff that goes with it.

The beauty blender/puff, and small concealer brush were my go-to for the past few years. I would only apply powder over my t-zone, thinking it was just because I was getting older and my skin texture was less smooth. Really, it was because the beauty blender didn’t really buff the base into my skin enough. So, now…

My current foundation tools

Left to right: Etude House Secret Brush 121 Skin, Sigma Flat Kabuki F80, Sigma 3DHD® Precision Brush, Sephora The Pointer Blending Sponge, beautyblender nude, Utowa Round Face Brush 27

2017: I am using a flat kabuki, or other densely bristled brush for the foundation/bb and then touching up with an angled concealer brush or small hydro sponge under my eyes and around my nose. I save the beauty blender for the end, and just tap it over my face to blend the edges and blur. Now, if I choose to wear setting powder, it taps on smoothly with a flat powder brush.

I’m curious, what tools or methods do you use? Have you switched over the years or remained faithful to one?